How to Get Custom Maps in "Empire at War"

By Travis Meyer

Featuring the Alamo gaming engine supporting all of the worlds and characters of George Lucas' franchise films "Star Wars," "Star Wars Empire at War" is a real-time strategy game that allows players to compete against each other with large armies of Star Wars-themed maps. Adding to the game's native maps are thousands of custom maps that are available online for you to download to your "Empire at War" suite. Downloading and extracting them for the software suite is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Double-click "My Computer" on your desktop.

Double-click your "C:\" drive, and open "Program Files."

Open the folder called "LucasArts," and double-click "Star Wars Empire at War."

Open "GameData," right-click the window and select "New Folder."

Title the folder "CustomMaps."

Go online to Star Wars Empire at War Files (see Reference).

Click "Maps," located in the right menu below "Downloads."

Click the map title you would like to add to your Empire at War suite.

Click "Click here to Download this File." Save the file to your desktop.

Double-click the compressed file saved to your desktop. Right-click the "TED" file, and select "Copy."

Navigate to the folder you created in your Empire at War's program file. Right-click the window and select "Paste." The map will be available in your Empire at War suite when you next launch the game.