How to Cross Out Words on Posts in Facebook

By Lynn Burbeck

Be creative by adding crossed out text to your Facebook posts.
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Although Facebook doesn't give users the ability to format the text in their status updates and comments, there are still ways to add a bit of flair to your posts. One way users give posts some extra tone is by crossing out words to convey humor or to add some personal commentary to your thoughts and opinions. To include crossed out text into your Facebook status, you'll need to copy and paste it from another program.

Text Generators

To create crossed out text, you'll need to use one of the free crossed out text generators on the Internet. These generators were created specifically for use with sites like Facebook, which don't allow text formatting or HTML code. Some free text generators include the Adam Varga Unicode Strikethrough Text Tool, the Special Status Strikethrough generator and the Crazy Davinici Strikethrough Text Generator. (See Resources)

How It Works

The reason strikethroughs don't translate on Facebook is because strikethrough formatting options requires HTML code to use online -- something Facebook doesn't support. The crossed out text generators, on the other hand, change each letter to a special unicode character with a small line inserted through the middle. When used to create a word or phrase, these small lines give the appearance of crossed out text.

Creating Crossed Out Text

To create crossed out text for your Facebook status, enter the text into one of the crossed out text generators, then copy and paste it into Facebook. There is no limit to how many times you can generate crossed out text, so you are free to repeat the process as many times as you'd like.


Depending on the strikethrough text generator you use, you may have the option of creating standard strikethrough text, or crossed out text that uses crosshatching. Although a single, strikethrough is standard, some individuals might prefer the unique look of the crosshatch. In addition, these generators can be used to create text underlines -- another formatting option not currently available on Facebook. Some users may not be able to see strikethrough or crosshatched text, so be aware that some users might be unable to see the humor in your post.