How to Crop Something From the Web on MacBook

By Editorial Team

Updated April 01, 2020

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Saving HTML files to your hard drive and bookmarking websites is useful if you just plan to use these as a reference, but at certain times, cropping just a small part of a page can be valuable in allowing you to save only a particularly relevant section. One of the fastest ways to do this on your MacBook is to take a picture of just that part of your screen, using the screen shot function built into the OS X operating system.

Arrange your screen so the part of the website you want to clip is unobstructed and fully visible.

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Press "Command-Shift-4." Your cursor will now appear as a crosshair icon.

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Click and drag to select the part of the website you want to clip. When you release the mouse button, your MacBook will save the clip as an image file located on your desktop.

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If you press "Space" after pressing "Command-Shift-4," your cursor will turn into a camera. Clicking on any window or part of the screen, such as the Finder, will capture an image of just that window. Press "Command-Shift-3" to capture an image of your entire screen.