How to Crop Graphics in Microsoft Publisher

By Contributor

Updated December 11, 2019

If you have inserted a graphic into Microsoft Publisher, you may find that you want to use only a portion of that graphic for your Publisher project. You can easily cut out a portion of your graphic by using Publisher's crop tool. The steps below will walk you through using this powerful tool to transform your graphics.

Start Microsoft Publisher and open a file that contains an image you would like to crop.

Select the graphic you want to clip by clicking on top of it so you see white sizing handles surrounding the graphic.

Choose the "Crop" tool from the Picture toolbar. The Crop tool is the eighth button on the Picture toolbar. You should now see black border surrounding the corners and very sides of the graphics.

Click on a corner or side of the selected graphic where you see the black border. When you do this, you will see your mouse become a black border, meaning you are ready to begin cropping.

Drag the corner of the graphic inward until you have reached the place in the graphic where you would like to stop cropping. The part of the graphic that is inside the dotted line will be the new graphic, once you release the mouse.

Release the mouse button when you are happy with the cropped graphic.


You can insert an image into Publisher by choosing the "Insert" menu, pointing to "Picture" and choosing "File" or "Clip Art." If you don't see the Picture toolbar, choose the "View" menu, point to "Toolbars" and click on "Picture."