What Is CRM Domain?

By Evan Em

More business are creating technological solutions to help minimize customer service costs and retain customers through an improved experience. A CRM domain is one way in which businesses can achieve these goals.


CRM stands for Customer Relationships Management. It is a general term used by businesses that includes all aspects of managing customer relationships. It can include customers, business customers, clients and sales leads.


Domains are often defined by the users' Internet Protocol, or IP, address. A domain is a group of computers on the same network. Computers within a company that have a common IP address are located within the same domain. To understand the idea of a domain, think of it as an electronic territory where a group of computers resides.

CRM Domain and Software

Companies, including Microsoft, manufacture CRM solutions for other businesses. These solutions are often located online. The domain where the CRM software resides and is accessed from within the corporation is considered the CRM domain.