Cricket vs. Verizon Service

By Jean Marie Bauhaus

Updated September 13, 2017

Reliability and affordability are both important considerations when choosing a network provider.
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Understanding the cost as well as types of plans and data allowances offered by Cricket and Verizon can help you to select the correct cellular service provider. Both Cricket and Verizon are popular choices for wireless phone and mobile broadband service. While Cricket is known for affordability and flat-fee pricing, Verizon has a reputation for reliability and accessibility as we review here.


Cricket offers a basic unlimited talk and texting plan as well as a number of upgraded plans that include multiple data allowance options. The cheapest of these plans includes a 1GB data allowance, while other plans offered have a 4GB or 8GB allowance. There are two unlimited data plans with one having a speed limitation of 3 Mbps and the other having unlimited high speed data. All plans with data also include unlimited talk and texting. Cricket offers a variety of Android devices that are compatible with these plans as well as Apple iPhone models. Cricket also has a bring your own device option which allows you to switch from your previous provider to Cricket. On all of Cricket's plans, roaming charges may apply if you call or text outside their coverage area.

All of Verizon's wireless plans include data as well as unlimited talk and text. They offer less expensive plans with data allowances of 2GB, 4GB or 8GB with the option to pay for unlimited data plans on a per line basis. Verizon's plans allow you to use your device as a Mobile Hotspot, whereas Cricket's plans do not.


Cricket does not require a service contract, and you may cancel service at any time without incurring extra fees. Cricket also does not charge an activation fee. Verizon requires either a month-to-month or a minimum two-year contract per line. Each line will incur an activation fee, which are discounted for additional phones in their Family Plan lines. Customers who terminate contracts early are charged significant fees.


Verizon's nationwide talk and text coverage includes extensive coverage throughout the East, South, Midwest and West Coast regions. With no domestic roaming charges, customers can make and receive calls and text messages from a Verizon phone almost anywhere in the U. S. Cricket's coverage is less extensive, with their unlimited coverage map showing gaps in each state and entire states without coverage. Cricket's roaming capabilities extend their coverage slightly farther as they make use of the AT&T network, but with with extra fees. Using your Cricket device outside of their unlimited coverage area might eat into any upfront savings experienced at sign-up.


Verizon and Cricket both offer mobile broadband plans. Cricket's plans range from 1 to 12 gigabytes of usage each month. Cricket's broadband network coverage is even sparser than its talk and text coverage, omitting most of the western United States. Verizon's 4G LTE mobile broadband network covers the majority of the U. S. Their 4G LTE packages range from 1 to 40 gigabytes of bandwidth usage. They also offer an unlimited plan which allows unlimited use of their network with a slowdown of data speed after 22GB of usage. Other plans and pricing vary according to the type of network and device.