The Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

By Maureen Malone

Updated April 17, 2017

You can be paid for referring customers to a credit cards.
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Today almost everyone has a credit card to manage everyday purchases and to pay bills. Credit card companies are willing to pay you to refer customers to them. They do this by offering an affiliate program. Some programs include offers from a variety of cards. This is beneficial to an affiliate because website visitors are likely to find a card or service that works for them.

Nationwide Card Service

Nationwide Card Service is one of the best credit card affiliate programs. This program is registered with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. This program is free to join and features credit card offers from Discover, HSBC and AccountNow. They also offer other financial services including credit reports and scores, identity theft protection and prepaid cards. The payout amount depends on the offers sold and there is no minimum balance to be paid affiliate fees.

My Credit Card Cash

My Credit Card Cash is a fee-based affiliate program. This program provides you with your own affiliate website and has credit card offers from over 100 cards. The payout amount depends on which card the customer is approved for. It costs $1.97 to sign up for this program. After 14 days you will be charged $39.95 per month until two customers sign up for a card through your website. Once two customers sign up there will be no more charges to your account.


AfflixCC has credit card offers from many major banks including Bank of America, Chase Bank and American Express. Payouts depend on the card but range from $3 up to $46 per approval. This program provides you with a website and hosting at no charge or build your own website with this program. There is a fee of $19.99 to join this program.

Credit Card Affiliate Services

Credit Card Affiliate Services offers cards from companies like American Express and Chase Bank that pay out up to $90 per approval. Affiliates receive a website and hosting with a unique domain name. The cost of the basic program is $199 and includes support as well as your website. The premium package also includes 5,000 guaranteed visitors within two months and costs $299 and the elite package includes 10,000 visitors within two months and costs $399.