How to Create a Yahoo Messenger Account

By Paul Higgins

Creating a Yahoo ID requires you to verify your cell phone number.
i Image courtesy of Yahoo

To be able to chat on Yahoo Messenger, you first need to create a Yahoo ID, or username. Do so by clicking on the "Get a New Yahoo ID" link in Yahoo Messenger and filling out a registration form.

Step 1

Yahoo Messenger login screen with "Create a New ID" link.
i Image courtesy of Yahoo

Download and install Yahoo Messenger. As of publication, the latest version is Yahoo Messenger 11.5. Open the application and click the "Get a New Yahoo ID" link to launch your default browser and load the registration form.

Step 2

Yahoo account registration form.
i Image courtesy of Yahoo

Fill out the registration form with your name, cell phone number and birth date. Type in the Yahoo ID -- or username -- you wish to use, along with a secure password. Please note that the site may ask you to select a different ID or password if the ID is already in use or if the password you chose is not secure enough. Optionally, you can type in a secondary cell phone number that you may use to regain access to your account in the future. Finally, if you accept the Yahoo terms of service and privacy policy, click on "Create Account."

Step 3

Verification code and "Submit Code" button.
i Image courtesy of Yahoo

Read the letters hidden in the picture and type them in the text field. If you have trouble reading the code, click on "Audio Code" to hear the letters. Click on "Submit Code" to access the phone verification page.

Step 4

Phone number verification screen with "Send SMS" and "Call You" links.
i Image courtesy of Yahoo

Click on the "Send SMS" button to receive a verification code by text message. Alternatively, if you would rather receive an automated voice call, click on the "Call You" link.

Step 5

Verification code text field and "Submit Code" button.
i Image courtesy of Yahoo

Enter the code you Yahoo provides you, and click on the "Submit Code" button. You have now finished the Yahoo ID creation process.

Step 6

Yahoo Messenger login screen filled out and "Sign In" button.
i Image courtesy of Yahoo

Open Yahoo Messenger again and type in your Yahoo ID and password. Click on the "Sign In" button to log in to the service.