How to Create A Yahoo Email Address

By Denise Sullivan

Yahoo offers free email accounts with add-ons such as a calendar, notepad and an automatic organizer. Your Yahoo account is Web-based, so you can access your messages anywhere you have an Internet connection. Once you complete the simple one-page registration form, you will also have access to all of Yahoo's features. You can use your new email address to sign into Flickr, Yahoo Answers, Messenger and a variety of games and fantasy sports leagues.

Step 1

Click the "Sign Up" link that appears below the "Sign In" option on the Yahoo homepage to create a new account.

Step 2

Enter your name, gender, address and birth date on the appropriate lines. Choose your Yahoo username. Your username will also be your email address. Make sure "" is selected from the drop-down list next to the email address. Click the "Check" button to see if your desired email address is available.

Step 3

Enter your desired password on both of the required lines. The password must be typed exactly the same on both lines. You will see a "Password Strength" bar indicating how difficult your password will be for a hacker to guess.

Step 4

Select a "secret question" from the drop-down menu. Yahoo will use this question to verify your identity if you lose your password. Enter the answer to the question you chose from the menu. Repeat this process to choose your second "secret question" and answer. There is also an optional line where you can enter an alternate email address for Yahoo to send you password resetting instructions.

Step 5

Enter the letters and numbers displayed in the image on the screen into the "image verification" line. This proves that you are a human and not an automated script designed to open new Yahoo accounts.

Step 6

Click the "Create My Account" button when you are finished completing all of the input boxes. You will then see your account details displayed on the screen. You can print this page for your records, if needed. Click "Continue" to proceed to your new email account.