How to Create a Private Website for Rental Real Estate

by Amanda Maddox

Using the Internet to reach clients for rental real estate is a relatively inexpensive marketing option. A website offers pictures and descriptions of rental property that provide clients with a way to search for the perfect home without driving all over town. Creating and updating your rental real estate website is moderately easy and allows you to keep potential clients informed and coming back when searching for property.


Choose a domain name for your private rental real estate website. Make it a name that is easily searchable online since this comes after the www in the address bar. Pick a site and register the domain name., and offer domain registry.


Use an online Web hosting site. allows you to review a list of hosting sites. Choose a site, such as, or, on which to build your private rental real estate website. Click the link to visit the Web host of your choice.


Choose "Business" from the drop-down list. This gives you more access to advertising features. Type your domain name in the box provided and click "Continue."


Click the "Create Account" box on the following screen. Start building your rental real estate website by choosing a template. Various styles and colors are available based on personal preference.


Use the "Add Paragraph" button to type text on your webpage. Also, click the "Upload Photos" to add pictures of rental homes. Include a description of each home and your contact information on the page.


Create "Home," "Rentals Available" and "Contact Us" pages on your rental website. Include a link for your email address along with your telephone number. When all of the pages are complete, click the "Preview" button to view your site and make sure the information is entered correctly.


Use the "Publish" button to make your website active. Visit the site builder page to take advantage of advertising options. This submits your rental website to various search engines so it comes up when clients search for rental real estate.

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