How to Create Watermark Logos

by Michelle Goldman

A watermark logo is any translucent picture, image or piece of text placed on top of or behind other images or text. Watermarks were used in medieval times to maintain authenticity and credibility of royal decrees. Today, they are used to indicate a copy or draft of a document and as company logos to enhance their presence in the marketplace. Watermarks were created with considerable effort in the 13th century; now, practically anyone with a computer and the right piece of software can produce one.

Place an image or text box on a blank page in the Pages software application. Place the image using one of the following methods: Click "Insert" on the main menu bar at the top of the window and click "choose" to select the desired image or text box; or, simply right-click the desired image, copy it and then paste it on the blank page using the same right-click method.

Ensure the image or text box is selected; you'll be able to tell it's selected by the square "pick-up boxes" around the perimeter of the image or text box. Click the image once to select it, if necessary. Open the Inspector (represented by a blue circle with a lower case 'i' in the center); click its icon in the tool bar toward the top of the window to open it.

Click the pick-up box in the lower right-hand corner of the image or text box and drag it to the right to increase the object's size. Drag it to the left to decrease the object's size. Hold down the "Command" key while clicking on any of the square pick-up boxes to rotate the object on the page.

Click on the "Graphic Inspector" tab in the Inspector window, with the object still selected. Drag the "Opacity" slider tab at the bottom of the window to the left, increasing the transparency of the image. Stop when you've reached the desired opacity.

Click on the "Object Inspector" tab in the Inspector window to change the placement of this image on the page. Check the option for "In Background," which will place the item in the background of the document, behind any text. Check the option for "Background objects are selectable" if the watermark needs to be edited.


  • check You can save watermarks you've created in Pages as templates. Just click "Save as Template" from the drop-down under the File menu. Now the template will be available the next time you launch Pages.
  • check Pages is part of Apple's iWork productivity suite that can be downloaded for a free, 30-day trial from Apple.
  • check Another tool is, an online utility that allows you to watermark images.

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