How to Create a Virtual Human Model Online for Free

By Victoria Bailey

Shopping online can be a hit-or-miss proposition. There is no way to try on the clothing, so you have no way of knowing how it will look on your particular body. The online site My Virtual Model aims to correct this. You can Log on to the site and create a virtual copy of yourself. You can then use the model as a mannequin for many online clothing retailers, and you'll have a better idea how a garment will look on you before you buy it.

Step 1

Navigate to the virtual fitting room on the My Virtual Model site at Fill in a name for your virtual human model.

Step 2

Look directly below the name box to see a row of six faces. Click the face that most closely resembles the shape and color of yours.

Step 3

Click the body shape that is the closest to your current figure. Choose among a triangle, an inverted triangle and an hourglass.

Step 4

Add statistics to the listing, such as your height, your weight and whether your waistline is well- or ill-defined. Every time you add something to the list, your virtual model will change according to the new information.

Step 5

Click to choose your hair color, then scroll down and click the silhouette with the hairstyle that looks the most like yours.

Step 6

Scroll down farther and click the tab labeled "My Face." A new window will open. Click "Create User ID" and then fill in the requested information. Upload a full-face picture of yourself. The photo will migrate to your virtual model, turning it into a realistic likeness of yourself online.