How to Create a Video Mash-Up

by Lindsay Pietroluongo

A video mash-up is when several different videos are combined into one. Often, the videos don’t originally have a similar theme that links them to each other -- they’re simply “stuck” together to create an interesting or funny video. Mash-up videos are easy to create. You don’t need to be a professional or own expensive, advanced editing software. Plus, with video mash-up service websites, it’s sometimes as easy as choosing videos, editing them and putting them in order. Create your own video mash-up that combines your favorite childhood films, home movies, bloopers, movie scenes or music videos.

Step 1

Decide on the type of mash-up to create. Mash-ups can be humorous, informative or inspiring, and they can focus on everything from the latest movie trailers to political commentary.

Step 2

Gather the videos that will be “mashed” together. Choose from a video catalog at a library, personal footage or video websites like YouTube or Google Video.

Step 3

Import the videos into computer editing software. Most new computers come with this software already installed. Examples are Windows Movie Maker or the Mac’s iMovie.

Step 4

Edit the footage down to only the portions of the videos that will be used in the mash-up. Editing software also can be used to create titles and add music.

Step 5

Organize the video clips by putting them in the order that they should be played. Using the editing software, create transitions between scenes.

Upload the mash-up video onto YouTube to share with friends.


  • Purchase and download advanced editing software to be able to do editing tricks, such as blending two images. Otherwise, a basic editing platform is fine if all you want is to string several videos together.
  • Some websites, such as Omnisio, offer mash-up creation services, making it extremely easy to create this type of video. You may not even need the actual video, just the URL, which makes the process even simpler.
  • If the mash-up video is going to be uploaded to YouTube, make sure it’s not longer than 10 minutes. Any video on YouTube can only be 10 minutes or less. If yours is longer, you’ll need to break it up into shorter segments. In order for the video to be on YouTube, it should be be 640-by-480 resolution, MPEG-4 video format, 100MB or less, and have MP3 audio.
  • Make sure to not infringe on copyright law when using other people’s videos to create your mash-up. Look for video’s with a “Fair Use” copyright.

Items you will need

  • Videos
  • Computer
  • Editing software

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