How to Create a Video Mash-Up

By Lindsay Pietroluongo

A video mash-up is when several different videos are combined into one. Often, the videos don’t originally have a similar theme that links them to each other -- they’re simply “stuck” together to create an interesting or funny video. Mash-up videos are easy to create. You don’t need to be a professional or own expensive, advanced editing software. Plus, with video mash-up service websites, it’s sometimes as easy as choosing videos, editing them and putting them in order. Create your own video mash-up that combines your favorite childhood films, home movies, bloopers, movie scenes or music videos.

Step 1

Decide on the type of mash-up to create. Mash-ups can be humorous, informative or inspiring, and they can focus on everything from the latest movie trailers to political commentary.

Step 2

Gather the videos that will be “mashed” together. Choose from a video catalog at a library, personal footage or video websites like YouTube or Google Video.

Step 3

Import the videos into computer editing software. Most new computers come with this software already installed. Examples are Windows Movie Maker or the Mac’s iMovie.

Step 4

Edit the footage down to only the portions of the videos that will be used in the mash-up. Editing software also can be used to create titles and add music.

Step 5

Organize the video clips by putting them in the order that they should be played. Using the editing software, create transitions between scenes.

Step 6

Upload the mash-up video onto YouTube to share with friends.