How to Create a Video Banner

By Allan Hu

Create a video banner.
i savings banner image by tomdesigner from

Creating a video banner for a website is a quick process, even for novice web designers. A software tool such as Adobe Flash or Premiere Pro is excellent for this task, but you can also use free automated services. For example, "BannerSketch" is a free online utility which allows you to create banners of different sizes with multiple frames. Banners are then exported to an image, such as an animated graphics interchange format file (.gif).

Open up your video editing software (e.g. Adobe Flash) or navigate to your free online utility (e,g. BannerSketch).

Set the "stage" to a standardized format such as 728 x 90 pixels, which is commonly called a leaderboard. Other standard sizes include 468 x 60 and 120 x 600.

Add text and images to convey your banner's message. Make sure the text is clear and easy to read. A video banner is an advertisement, so it must grab the viewer's attention. Yellow and red are proven advertising colors.

Add frames to your banner. Video banners do not need to have dozens of frames--many actually have only a few. However, avoid creating any kind of "flashing" effect. This is seen as obnoxious by many Internet users--and will lead many people to ignore your banner.

Publish your banner. In Adobe Flash, export the image as an animated .gif or small web format (.swf) file. With a free online utility, the image is generated once you fill out and submit all of the required fields.