How to Create a VCF File of Group Contacts (8 Steps)

By Alexander Poirier

Address Book is the default contact application for all Mac computers.
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Contacts that are stored in the Outlook and Address Book contact applications can be organized in groups of similar entries. The Outlook program does not let you save entire groups as a VCF file though it does let you save them individually. Address Book, on the other hand, lets you save an entire group as a VCF file with a single click. In both cases, you can save your group contacts as VCF files directly within the application.


Step 1

Double-click the "Outlook" program icon to launch the program. Click on the group that contains the contacts that you want to export beneath the "My Contacts" heading.

Step 2

Click on the first contact in the group to highlight it. Click the "File" menu and select the "Save As" option.

Step 3

Click the arrow to the right of the "Save file as type" heading and select the "VCARD Files (.vcf)" option.

Step 4

Choose where you would like to save the file beneath the "Save In" heading and click the "Save" button to save the file.

Step 5

Repeat steps two, three and four for the remaining contacts in the group.

Address Book

Step 1

Double-click the "Address Book" application icon to launch the application.

Step 2

Right-click on the contact group that you want to export and select the "Export Group vCard..." option from the context menu.

Step 3

Type a name for the vCard in the space provided and click the "Save" button to save the group vCard file onto your computer's desktop.