How to Create a Web TV Channel Online for Free

by Melly Parker
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If you want to stream video content on the Internet, create a Web TV channel where you can post videos, do live presentations and connect with viewers. There are many sites that offer you a certain amount of streaming video and uploads for free; if you exceed the allotted amount, you may have to pay money to upgrade your account or create another free account. Most Web TV channels allow users to subscribe and follow your channel; they also track video views so you have an idea of how large your audience is.


Step 1

Navigate to USTREAM (see Resources) and click "Login/Signup."

Step 2

Click "No account? Sign Up Now!"

Step 3

Enter your personal information, password and email address. Finish filling in the blanks and enter the text at the bottom to verify your identity. Click "Create My Account."

Step 4

Hover over the top right image and click "Dashboard." Click "Create a Channel." Type in the name and click "Create."

Edit your category, tags, picture and description to help users find your channel. Click "Save" when you're done to launch your channel.


Step 1

Navigate to Vokle (see Resources) and click "Login or sign up." Click "Register with Vokle."

Step 2

Enter your first name, last name, email address and a password for your Vokle account. Click "Sign Up."

Step 3

Hover over your name at the top of the page and click "My Settings." Adjust your location settings and profile picture, then click "Update."

Click "Go Live" to create a webcast. Enter your title, a description of your show and the category. Click "Go Live Now!" to start recording.


Step 1

Navigate to Livestream (see Resources) and click "your email account." Type in your email address and click "Create Account."

Step 2

Open the email account you used to sign up and click the link in the Livestream email to create your account. Enter your name and a password for Livestream, and then click "Create Account."

Step 3

Click "Post."

Step 4

Type in your channel name and click "Continue." Set a start and end time, and then click "Continue" again.

Step 5

Click "Download" to download the Livestream Desktop client. Click the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install and launch the Livestream Desktop client.

Step 6

Enter your Livestream email address and password. Click "Login."

Click "Go Live." Type in a name for your stream and click "Start."


  • You must verify your email to unlock all the features of your free Web TV channel.
  • Livestream offers more features for your Web TV channel if you're using live streaming with its desktop client. USTREAM and Vokle let you start streaming directly from the site, but offer fewer features with which to edit your broadcast. You can save videos to share at any time on each of the three sites. Both Livestream and USTREAM allow you to post live video from mobile devices.

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