How to Create a Tri-Fold Brochure Using Publisher

By Tricia Goss

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Tri-fold brochures are used by many businesses, schools and organizations to sell a product or service, provide data and statistics or offer other information. Brochures are popular because they use colors and pictures along with basic text to capture the reader's attention. They are also easy to mail, carry and distribute. You can make brochures that appear polished and professional using Microsoft Publisher.

Step 1

Start Microsoft Publisher. Click "Publications for Print" under New From a Design" in the New Publication task pane. Click "Brochures" and choose the type of tri-fold brochure you want to create. Click on the specific template you want to use to open it as a new file.

Step 2

Select "3-panel" under Page Size. Select the color scheme and font scheme you want to use by clicking on options in the task pane.

Step 3

Click inside of a placeholder that contains sample text. Select the sample text using your mouse or press "Ctrl+A" to select it. Type over the sample text with your desired text. Repeat with the remaining placeholders. Delete unwanted placeholders by clicking on the border of the box to select it and pressing "Delete."

Step 4

Change sample images in the template if desired. Right-click a sample picture and choose "Change Picture." Select "Picture from File" to use an image on your computer or select "Clip Art" to find and insert a clip art image from the Microsoft gallery.

Step 5

Click the "Print Preview" button on the toolbar to see how your brochure will look when printed. Save the changes made to the brochure. Print using your printers duplex or two-sided option.