How to Create a Template in Gmail

by Jason Spidle

Create email templates in Gmail by enabling and configuring the "Canned Responses" Gmail Labs setting. Template functionality is not available in Gmail by default, but Canned Responses, an experimental feature, provides simplified template support that can be integrated into the Gmail composition window and activated using Gmail filters. Canned Responses are easy to use and take only a few moments to set up.

Log in to your Gmail account.

Click the "Options" icon at the top-right and select "Labs."

Set "Canned Responses" to "Enable" and then click "Save Changes."

Click "Compose Mail."

Type the email that will be used as a template in the composition window.

Click the "Canned Responses" drop-down menu and select "Save new canned response."

Enter a title for the template, and then click "OK."

Use the template by selecting it from the "Canned Response" drop-down menu when you are composing a new message.

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