How to Create a Template for eBay Listings

by Sasha Maggio

Using eBay templates helps to make the listing process faster and easier. Templates are designed for eBay sellers with Stores, especially those that list a considerable number of items for sale or auction. Seller tools on eBay allow you to create templates for different types of listings so that you, as the seller, do not have to enter basic information for every item. If you don't have an eBay Store, you can use the Save for Later and Sell Similar options.

For the Casual eBay Seller

Go to My eBay and choose All Selling from the Selling menu. From your main selling page choose Sell an Item.

Search for a specific product or type in a general description to begin the listing process. Then click Get Started. If you have a New-in-Package item with a UPC on the packaging, or a book with an ISBN number on the cover, you can simply search these numbers to find an exact match to your item.

Search for an item to begin
Click Get Started.


Searching for items by UPC, ISBN or exact name often provides a manufacturer photo and description of the item. This can also save time for sellers.

Fill in the Title and a Description of the item. Complete the form to include shipping and handling information, return policy and determine if the listing will be an auction or a Buy It Now, fixed-price listing.

Add details and photos.

Upload photos for the item. If the template is for a variety of used items, you should change the photo for each listing. If the template is for a new item, in its original packaging, then manufacturer photos will suffice.

Click Save for Later. The saved item listing is in your Drafts section of your All Selling menu.

Save for Later

When ready to list an item, click on the desired draft and complete the listing. Once finished, you can use the Sell Similar option to list multiple items based on one previous listing.

Choose the desired draft and finish the listing

Go to your All Selling list and select an item that is either sold, unsold or active for bid or purchase. Next to the desired item, click the arrow for More Options then choose Sell Similar. Adjust the item details, if necessary, and add a new picture if the item is not new and in its original packaging.

Using the Sell Similar option.

For eBay Store Sellers

To use Selling Manager templates on eBay, you must first create an eBay store. To create a store, you must be a Standard or Above Standard seller, have a credit card on file with eBay and be verified through PayPal. Stores are opened by subscription with monthly prices ranging from $15.95 to $199.95 per month. From your eBay Store, use Inventory View to create templates from new or previous listings and customize templates for auctions or fixed-price listings.

To create an eBay Store you must be Standard or Above Standard as a seller.


eBay recommends creating an inventory before making templates. Selling Manager Pro gives an Inventory View where sellers can organize and track their listings. The basic Selling Manager is free for all eBay sellers. Selling Manager Pro fees depend on the type of subscription, selected to correspond with the eBay Store size and needs.


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