How to Create Strong Passwords You Can Remember

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Most people need to remember several passwords to different websites and computers. Creating a strong password that is hard to guess is important, especially when it protects your personal or financial information.


Check the password management rules for the password you are creating. Some sites have very "strict" rules, which means they limit the minimum and maximum size, or force you to use different characters like uppercase, lowercase, numbers or symbols. Read the rules and make sure you understand them.


You probably already have a password you use frequently, but the problem with reusing passwords is that if one of them is discovered, everything is lost. Think of a simple word that will be very easy for you to remember, for example "summer."


Now comes the simple trick that will help you create a strong password of almost any length. Use the "@" character, known as the at sign at the end of the word you came up with in step 2. So now our example is "summer@."


Now finish the sentence with an easy-to-remember domain name. A domain name is the name of a website, like "" But in this case, it can be anything you want, even a site that doesn't exist. Pick something that makes sense with your base password, write down the first few things you think of when you think of that word. So in our example, you can use "" as a password domain.


Putting it all together, the password is "" This is a 15-character password that uses multiple symbols, otherwise known as a strong password. It's also very easy to remember. Since we have become conditioned to remember email addresses with the "@" character, this memory device lets us easily recall our passwords.


  • check Use a capital letter to start, or a number at the end of a word for added strength.


  • close Never use your email address as your password.

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