How to Create a Stamp Placeholder in Microsoft Word

by Contributor

If you use Microsoft Word to create envelopes or postcards, you may want to create a stamp placeholder for your envelopes. A placeholder is a square placed where the stamp should go. You can add text such as "Place Stamp Here" to make the envelopes look professional and official.

Start Microsoft Word and open an existing envelope or create a new envelope.

Select the "Text box" tool from the Drawing toolbar. Click in the upper right corner of the envelope where you would like to begin the stamp placeholder.

Drag the mouse to the lower right hand corner of where the placeholder should end and release.

Choose the Format menu, and click on "Format AutoShape" to open the "Format AutoShape" dialog box.

Click the "Size" tab in the dialog box. Change the height of the square you have completed to 0.9 inches and the width to 0.7 inches.

Click the "OK" button to close the dialog box and set the size of your stamp placeholder.

Click the stamp placeholder. Begin typing if you would like to add text to it.


  • check You can easily create an envelope in Word by choosing the "Tools" menu. Point to "Letters and Mailing." Click on "Envelopes and Labels." Follow the onscreen instructions to make your envelope.
  • check If you don't see the Drawing toolbar, select the "View" menu, point to "Toolbars" and click on "Drawing."

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