How to Create a Sports Blog

by Contributor

Sports fans everywhere love to participate in, and read about, sports. If you're a sports enthusiast, it makes sense to create a sports blog. It allows you to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions about a wide range of sporting topics. If you prefer, you can limit your sports blog to one sport, one team or one athlete. The choice is yours.

Search for a blog-hosting site. There are many free sites willing to host new blogs (see Resources below).

Set up a Google AdSense account if you intend to place ads on your blog to earn income.

Write. Post entries on your favorite sport, team and or athlete. Be passionate about your blog writing. There are sports fans on the Internet seeking interesting information, thoughts and editorials about sports.

Find other sports sites. Use your blog as a resource for connecting your readers with other interesting sports sites. The more information you provide, the more your readers will come back.

Promote your blog.


  • check The trick to maintaining a successful sports blog is to provide interesting information and thought-provoking material. Be sure to write often to build a readership base. Quality content and topic-appropriate images keep your readers coming back.
  • check Take your time when it comes to researching hosting sites to make sure you find one that provides everything you are looking for. There are many free blog-hosting sites on the Internet to choose from.


  • close When promoting your site, do not resort to spam.
  • close Not all blog-hosting sites allow ads. If your goal is to earn income from your blog, choose one that allows advertising.