How to Create Simple Pixel Games

By Curt Lanning

Making video games can be challenging.
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It takes special software to make video games, even if they are as simple as pixel-based games. The software requires lots of training to learn and perfect before you can make a game. There are also several different options when it comes to software to make video games. If you are willing to learn how to use the software, you can make simple pixel games.

Step 1

Find software you can use to make video games.

Step 2

Try Adobe Flash. This software is mainly used to make animations, but you can also produce video games with it. Even if you're making a simple pixel game, there are still lots of complicated factors involved, such as creating movement, score, etc. Adobe Flash makes use of a coding script called action script. Adobe Flash is expensive and a little complicated, but it includes good options for game customization.

Step 3

Download and try Game Maker (see link for download under Resources). This software is free and is specifically made for creating video games. Since it is free it doesn't have as many coding options as Adobe Flash, but it does support plenty of game customization. You'll also have to learn the software, but it isn't as complicated as Adobe Flash.

Step 4

Give RPG Maker XP a whirl (see link for download under Resources). You can make pixel games with this program, but it focuses primarily on making RPGs (role playing games). This software gives you a trial period, but eventually you'll have to buy it to use it. Being that it focuses on RPGs, you'll be limited as to what kind of games you can create. That being said, it offers many unique RPG features to create games with.