How to Create a Sales Funnel Graphic With PowerPoint

by Tricia Goss
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When explaining the process of selling your products or services, a sales funnel can prove to be an effective visual representation of the stages from lead to transaction. If you opt to create a sales funnel using Microsoft PowerPoint, you can easily incorporate it into any slide show presentation. In addition, you can add effects such as animation and custom colors. Make a sales funnel using a SmartArt graphic or download a template and modify it to suit your needs.

Using SmartArt Shapes

Step 1

Select the "Insert" tab and click "SmartArt" in the Illustrations group. Select "Relationship" in the left pane. Click on the "Funnel" graphic in the Choose a SmartArt Graphic window and click "OK." A funnel appears on the slide.

Step 2

Add text to the funnel. Click on any sample text in the image to open the text pane. Type the first step in the sales process into the first text line and follow with the remaining steps in order. For instance, you might enter "Targets," "Leads," "Opportunities" and "Sales."

Step 3

Change the colors of the funnel. Click the funnel to activate the SmartArt Tools tab. Click the "Design" tab. Click "Change Colors" in the SmartArt Styles group and choose the colors you wish to use.

Step 4

Change the design of the funnel. On the Design tab under SmartArt Tools, click the "SmartArt Styles" drop-down arrow to view the gallery. Point to a style to preview how your funnel will appear. Click on the style you wish to use.

Step 5

Animate the funnel. Select the "Animations" tab. Choose the animation you wish to use. Click "Effect Options" and choose "One by One." Click "Animation Pane" in the Advanced Animation group. Click the drop-down on the first shape in the Animation Pane, click "Effect Options" and apply any options you want to use, such as the direction in which you want the shape to move and the timing you want to use.

Save your changes before closing PowerPoint.

Using a Template

Step 1

Select the "File" tab and click "New."

Step 2

Type "pyramid" in the search box and press "Enter."

Step 3

Select a template you can use as a sales funnel, such as the "Pyramid Diagram" or the "Unfolding SmartArt Pyramid" and click "Download." The template opens in a new window.

Step 4

Customize the template as desired by adding your own text, changing the colors or style and adding animation. Some templates provide specific instructions, so follow them if available.

Save your changes before closing PowerPoint.


  • You can import the slide into any presentation. Click the "New Slide" drop-down, select "Reuse Slides" and browse to the saved PowerPoint file. Click on the slide to insert it and drag it to the correct position in the Slides pane.


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