How to Create SACD Discs

by Joseph Mars
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The Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) is a special type of CD that is burned onto a DVD and used to play high-quality music and other audio recordings on special SACD players. The sound is typically louder and clearer when compared to the quality of a recorded CD you might burn from your computer. Get special SACD-burning software to burn your favorite songs onto a DVD and impress your friends and loved ones with the crisp sounds.

Step 1

Open the Web browser and download the SACD burner software to the computer's desktop. Open its installer and follow the prompts to install the software to the computer.

Step 2

Open the software and select the music files you want to burn in SACD-quality using the "File" menu's "Open" function. Arrange the files in desired order for burning by clicking and dragging each one into position.

Step 3

Open the computer's disc drive and insert a blank DVD. Close the drive.

Step 4

Click the "Burn" button inside the software to burn the music in SACD-quality to the DVD.

Wait for the DVD to pop out of the disc drive; this means the software has finished burning the SACD-quality music to the DVD. Remove the DVD from the drive and play it with an SACD player.


  • View the included "Read-Me" help text file included with the software if you aren't sure how to install it to your computer.


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