How to Create SACD Discs

By Joseph Mars

Burn SACD-quality songs with the right software.
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The Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) is a special type of CD that is burned onto a DVD and used to play high-quality music and other audio recordings on special SACD players. The sound is typically louder and clearer when compared to the quality of a recorded CD you might burn from your computer. Get special SACD-burning software to burn your favorite songs onto a DVD and impress your friends and loved ones with the crisp sounds.

Open the Web browser and download the SACD burner software to the computer's desktop. Open its installer and follow the prompts to install the software to the computer.

Open the software and select the music files you want to burn in SACD-quality using the "File" menu's "Open" function. Arrange the files in desired order for burning by clicking and dragging each one into position.

Open the computer's disc drive and insert a blank DVD. Close the drive.

Click the "Burn" button inside the software to burn the music in SACD-quality to the DVD.

Wait for the DVD to pop out of the disc drive; this means the software has finished burning the SACD-quality music to the DVD. Remove the DVD from the drive and play it with an SACD player.