How to Create a Reverse Image Negative View in Illustrator

by Tammy Clevenger

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design and illustration application that's considered the industry standard by many design professionals. The Adobe Illustrator program is shipped with several filters which, when applied to a drawing, add effects to and manipulate the drawing in various ways. One such filter is the "Inverse Colors" filter. When you use this filter on a color or black and white image, you get the inverse, or negative, of the image.

Step 1

Click "New" and then "Layer" to create a new layer in Illustrator.

Step 2

Draw a square inside the new layer that's the same size as the image you would like to invert.

Step 3

Click on the image to invert.

Step 4

Click the "Edit" option from the top navigation bar, then click "Select All."

Step 5

Click "Filters" from the top navigation bar and select "Colors."

Click the "Invert Colors" option. The negative of the original image appears.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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