How to Create a Resume on WordPerfect

By Joanne Mendes

Creating a resume can be time consuming and frustrating. Formatting a resume and deciding what information to include can take a lot of careful planning and forethought. Fortunately, Corel's WordPerfect makes the entire process easy with their resume template. The WordPerfect template is a pre-formatted standard resume document that you can quickly edit and format.

Open WordPerfect, select "WordPerfect Mode" and click "OK."

Click "File" and choose "New from project." Select "Standard Resume" and click "Create." Click "Disable Macros" and click "OK."

Click on "Display Name" and type in your name. Modify the appearance of your name by clicking "Name Look" in the left-hand menu and selecting a format option. Enter your address and phone number on the line below your name.

Fill out your employment and education history in the sections provided. Type in your skill set in the section marked "Skills."

Add more sections to the resume by clicking "Add a Section" in the left-hand menu and choosing a section heading from the drop-down menu or create our own section heading by choosing "Blank."

Change the look of the resume by clicking on "Look" in the left-hand menu and choosing a style option from the drop-down menu.

Add elements to the resume such as borders, bulleted lists or graphics by clicking "Add Elements" in the left-hand menu and choosing an option.

Proof your resume by clicking "Finish" in the left-hand menu and choosing "Check the spelling." Save the resume by choosing "Save" from the same menu. Print the resume by clicking "Print" also located in the "Finish" menu box.