How to Create Raffle Tickets on a 10 Per Page Template

By Irene A. Blake

Although customized raffle tickets serve as a major source of funding and advertising for organizations, events, charities and causes, the cost of buying professionally designed/printed tickets often offsets any benefits. Whether your fundraising event is small or large, with a few office items you can easily and cost-effectively create, customize and print professional-looking raffle tickets.

Buy 10-per-page blank, printable business card sheets (one or two-sided/matte or glossy/white or colored) to use with your printer.

Choose a 10-per-page business card template from your desktop publishing/word processing software or upload one from your software or business card manufacturer's website. For example, choose a template to use with Microsoft Office products from Microsoft Corporation Office Online by keyword searching "raffle ticket" or "business card" in the Templates area; or select free business card manufacturer templates to use with different software products such as the ones offered by Avery Dennison Corporation.

Design your raffle ticket stubs on a card on the left side of the template. If you're not using stubs, go to Step 4.

Include the name of your organization/event, the name of the party benefiting from the raffle, a list of prizes, the date of the raffle drawing, ticket price and any rules. For example:

(Organization/Event) RAFFLE Proceeds from this raffle help (name of person, cause or charity) (Prizes) (Date of drawing) $ (Ticket price) (Rules)

Create your raffle ticket within one of the cards on your template. If using raffle ticket stubs, create your ticket in a card on the right side of the template.

Insert raffle ticket purchaser contact information spaces:

Name ___

Address ___

Phone ___

Use "Shift + _ " to create the lines or insert a line using your software's line-making tool. Make certain to double space to provide room for the purchaser's information. Resize your text and lines needed to fit within the area.

Add a "Thank you" message to the stub and/or ticket.

Select and copy all elements of your stub design and paste into each of the five cards on the left side of your template. Repeat with the ticket information on the right side to make five stubs/tickets for each 10 per page sheet. Go to Step 7.

If you're not using stubs, copy/paste in all spaces to make 10 tickets and print.

Insert a raffle ticket number on the top, bottom or side of each stub/ticket combination (left card stub and right card ticket) in consecutive order (100 on stub and ticket 1, 101 on stub and ticket 2, 102 on stub and ticket 3...).