How to Create a Radius Ring in Google Earth

by Serm Murmson

Google Earth is a powerful online map-making application. It merges satellite data with map images and, in some areas, even street views for a realistic and informative tour of the globe. With Google Earth, you can explore your neighborhood or the world from your computer and plan trips; however, it lacks the ability to draw a circle with a specified radius around a point. To do this, you must use a third-party program or website to create a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file for use within Google Earth. KML files involve an implementation of Extensible Markup Language, or XML, to import geographic data into Google Earth.

Step 1

Enter the latitude and longitude of the center point of your radius in a drawing utility. Some utilities are free stand-alone programs, while others are websites that will generate the radius ring for you.

Step 2

Enter the length of the radius you wish to have extending from your center point.

Step 3

Generate the KML file. If you're using a website, download the KML file to your computer.

Step 4

Open Google Earth.

Open the KML file. Your radius ring has been drawn around the specified center point.


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