How to Create a Quiz Database With Microsoft Access

By Francine Richards

Microsoft Access is an application designed to create databases. Database tables store records containing pieces of information such as questions and answers for quizzes. MS Access databases store data in tables and can exist as a single file that allows you to create and print a quiz database.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Access application. In Access 2003 click “File” "New” to open the New File task pane. In Access 2007 click the “Office Button” and “New” to open the dialogue box.

Step 2

Click “Blank Database” to open a new file. A dialogue box will open prompting you to name your file. Click “Create” once you have named your file.

Step 3

Create a table in design view by highlighting it and selecting “Open.” In MS Access 2007 you can also create a table using a preloaded template which can be customized.

Step 4

Input fields in your table by entering the field titles in the grid and close when complete. For quizzes, data enter one field and title it “Question” and another field “Answer”. Add a third field and title it “Quiz Topic”. You may create a new table for each quiz or input all of the questions and answers into one table which can be filtered by topic. Multiple tables can later be linked by queries.

Step 5

Name your table and select “Yes, set a primary key for me.” Click “Next” to continue. At the end, select “Enter data directly into the table” and click “Finish.”

Step 6

Enter data into your table. As you complete the first record and hit the "Enter" button, the next line will appear for you to enter a second record. When you have completed entering all of the questions and answers for your quizzes, close the table.

Step 7

Complete a query to select specific questions and answers from your table to view or print. Table data can be later modified and reformatted.