How to Create QR Code for a PDF

by Jason Artman

A Quick Response code can be a powerful promotional tool to use when creating print media that you expect will be viewed by people who own smartphones. A QR code is a small square image containing encoded text. When a smartphone owner takes a picture of the code, her phone's Web browser opens and displays the website address embedded in the code. Several free online tools can be use to create a QR code. Create the code, download it to your computer and embed it in a PDF file using the document creation software of your choice.

Step 1

Open a Web browser and navigate to createqrcode.appspot.com, delivr.com/qr-code-generator or www.qurify.com/en.

Step 2

Click the "URL" or blank text field on the page, and type the URL of the website that you would like the QR code to link to.

Step 3

Click "Create QR Code," "Generate QR Code" or "Qurify." The screen displays a QR code containing the website URL that you entered.

Step 4

Right-click the QR code, and then click "Save Image As." This opens a file download window. Save the QR code image to the desktop.

Drag the image into your PDF creation software to add it to a document.


  • You are not required to create a QR code containing a website URL. A QR code can contain any text message.
  • Some QR code generators may have advanced features that allow you to modify certain aspects of your QR code. Many tools allow you to change the size of the code, and some allow you to change the color as well.

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