How to Create QR Code for a PDF

By Jason Artman

A Quick Response code can be a powerful promotional tool to use when creating print media that you expect will be viewed by people who own smartphones. A QR code is a small square image containing encoded text. When a smartphone owner takes a picture of the code, her phone's Web browser opens and displays the website address embedded in the code. Several free online tools can be use to create a QR code. Create the code, download it to your computer and embed it in a PDF file using the document creation software of your choice.

Step 1

Open a Web browser and navigate to, or

Step 2

Click the "URL" or blank text field on the page, and type the URL of the website that you would like the QR code to link to.

Step 3

Click "Create QR Code," "Generate QR Code" or "Qurify." The screen displays a QR code containing the website URL that you entered.

Step 4

Right-click the QR code, and then click "Save Image As." This opens a file download window. Save the QR code image to the desktop.

Step 5

Drag the image into your PDF creation software to add it to a document.