How to Create a Printable Map

By Tammy Clevenger

Printing maps
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Google Maps is a great free web-based mapping tool that offers the user maps and directions based on input, as well as additional trip information, such as travel times based on traffic, businesses in the search area and the ability to plot and route several stops. Google Maps also provides the user with the capabilities to send print generated maps to save as a PDF if a PDF driver is installed on the computer. (When a PDF creation tool such as Adobe Acrobat is installed on the computer, a PDF driver is also installed as a Printer in the Print dialog box. Google Maps may be printed to PDF using the PDF printer selection.)

Open a web browser and navigate to the Google Maps site (see Resources).

Click the Get Directions link to open the Directions input page.

Type the Start Location in the A input box.

Type the Destination Location in the B input box.

Click the Get Directions button. The map will generate and display in the right mapping pane.

Click the Print link in the top right corner of the Google Maps interface. A Print page will launch for the generated map.

Type notes in the section labeled Notes to identify the printed map.

Click the Print link in the top right corner. The Print dialog box will launch.

Select the printer from the Printer Name drop-down list, and then click the Print button to send the map to a printer and print the map to paper.

Select the PDF driver from the Printer Name drop-down list, and then click Print to print the map to a PDF document. A file navigation box will open. Type a name for the new PDF map and then click the Save button. The Google Map will save as a PDF document.