How to Create a Printable Grid

by Joanne Thomas

There are many ways to create a printable grid using basic home computer software programs. These instructions detail the method for creating a printable grid using Microsoft Word. The grid is easily customized by size, number of columns and number of rows. This method is useful for a variety of design, arts and crafts projects.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word and open a new blank document.

Step 2

Click on “Table” in the upper toolbar, then click on “Draw Table.” A palette titled “Tables and Borders” should appear on your screen.

Step 3

Click on the table icon with a small arrow beside it in the bottom left corner of the palette. A box titled “Insert Table” should appear on your screen.

Step 4

In the box under the heading “Table Size,” there are white boxes for the number of columns and the number of rows of your grid. Click on the arrows to change the numbers in each box, or click in the boxes and type the number of columns and rows you want for your grid. Change the number in the box labeled “Column Width” if you want to alter the width of the columns.

Click “OK” in the bottom of the box. A grid should appear on your page. If the grid is your desired final size, it is ready to print. If you want to make changes to your grid, you can either start again with a new blank document and change the number of columns, rows and/or column width. Alternatively, use the various tools in the table palette to add or remove columns or rows, add a different border around the grid and distribute the rows and columns evenly.


  • To find out what each tool does in the table palette, hold your cursor over the icon without moving it for a few seconds. The name of the tool should appear.
  • To make small changes to parts of your grid, hold the cursor over the lines. You will see a new icon. Click and drag the lines to move them.
  • Experiment with the various table options and tools until you get the exact grid you want to print. If you make a mistake, just open a new document and start over.

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