How to Create a Printable Chart

By Tammy Croft

Create elaborate charts with word processing software.
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Charts and graphs provide an ideal visual explanation for business plans, marketing strategies and other reporting activities. These aids may seem difficult to make, but technology has made it easier to create professional and elaborate charts. Most software programs provide many options regarding the number of columns, rows, sizes and other creative graphics from which to choose. Charts can be made with word processing software, such as Microsoft Word.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word. Click on the start button in the lower left corner of your screen. Click on "All Programs," Microsoft Word and Microsoft Works Word processor. This process will display a blank and editable screen.

Step 2

Choose the chart symbol from the toolbar. This symbol resembles a small white chart and reads "insert table" when highlighted. When clicked, a menu will appear with many options of styles from which to choose. Options include basic, simple, creative, modern, professional and basic charts.

Step 3

Select the number of rows and columns needed for your chart. Enter the number into the spaces provided beside rows and columns.

Step 4

Choose the number of rows and columns needed in your chart. The number of rows and columns can be anywhere from one row to 100 rows.

Step 5

Choose the row height and column width. Both attributes can range from one centimeter up to 22 centimeters. You also have the option of letting the program determine these two options for you by selecting "auto," which is also listed in the drop-down menus of each.

Step 6

Press "OK" when you are satisfied with your selections. The chart wil appear in printable form.

Step 7

Set your font styles and colors. Styles, font and color can all be customized by selecting the appropriate symbols from the tool bar. After you've finished your customization, you're ready to print.

Step 8

Choose one of two printing options. You can print the chart immediately by selecting the print symbol form the toolbar or selecting "print" from the file drop-down menu. If you're not ready to print, you can save the document by selecting "save" or "save as" from the drop-down menu and giving it a file name. You have now created a printable chart.