How to Create a Powerpoint Slide Show

by Wesley DeBoy

Creating a PowerPoint slide show is a great way to prepare a visual aid for a presentation. With Microsoft PowerPoint you can organize the content of your presentation and then further enhance it by adding pictures and creating graphs. When finished adding content, you can easily apply a professional-looking template to your PowerPoint slide show to give it a color and design scheme that complement your presentation.


Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Select the "PowerPoint Presentation" icon and then click "Open" from the start-up dialogue that appears. This will create a new PowerPoint presentation for you to work with when creating your slide show.


Add new slides to your PowerPoint show by clicking "Insert" and selecting "New Slide."


Add text to your PowerPoint slide show by typing within the text boxes that appear on the new slides you create. Simply click inside a text box and type the content you would like to add. When finished, click outside the text box. If you would like to add additional text boxes, click "Insert," then select "Text Box." Next, create your new text box by clicking and dragging your cursor over the section of the slide where you would like it to appear.


Add pictures to your PowerPoint slide show by clicking "Insert," selecting "Picture" and then choosing "Clip Art" or "From File." If you select "Clip Art," a dialogue box will appear that allows you to choose from a stock of clip art photos and images to insert into your slide show. If you select "From File," a dialogue box will appear that allows you to select photos from your computer's hard drive.


Add charts and graphs to your slide show by clicking "Insert" and selecting "Chart." A default bar graph will immediately appear. If you'd like to change the chart type, click "Chart" and select "Chart Type," then select kind of chart you prefer.


Apply a style template to your slide show by clicking "Format," selecting "Slide Design" and browsing through the preset color and design schemes provided. When you find one you like, select it and click "Apply." PowerPoint will automatically apply this design to each slide of your presentation.


Add transitions to your slide show by clicking "Slide Show," selecting "Preset Animations" and choosing an animation setting.


View your slide show by clicking "View" and selecting "Slide Show." Press the space bar to switch from one slide to the next. When finished adding content to your slide show, click "File," select "Save," name your slide show, then click "Save." You have now successfully created a PowerPoint slide show.

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