How to Create a Photo PowerPoint Presentation

by Tricia Goss

Perhaps you just returned from vacation, had a new baby or bought a new camera and have pictures you want to share. If you have a collection of photos on your computer about which you are proud and excited, and you have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use those digital photos to create a presentation photo album to share with friends and family, post to your website or make into a screen saver.


Open a blank PowerPoint presentation. Go to the "Insert" menu in PowerPoint 2003, point to "Picture" and click "New Photo Album." Go to the "Insert" tab in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010. Click on "Photo Album" and then "New Photo Album." The "Photo Album" dialog box will open.


Click "File/Disk" under "Insert Picture From." Locate the folder containing the photos you want to use to create a PowerPoint presentation. If there are several photos that you want to use in one folder, press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking on each photo you want to insert. Click the "Insert" button.


Select an option in the "Picture Layout" drop-down menu, such as "2 Pictures," which will display two photos per slide or "1 Picture with Title," which will show one photo at a time with a title that you enter.


Select an option in the "Frame Shape" drop-down menu. When you click on a frame shape, it will preview to the right of the menu. Click "Create" to create the photo presentation.


If you selected a layout option with titles, add titles by selecting the first photo in the "Slides" pane on the left of the main window. Type the title for the first photo into the "Click to Add Title" text box.


Save the presentation and share it as desired.

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