How to Create a Family Photo Album with Adobe Photoshop

By Daniel Ketchum

We all have family photos that we would like to put into an album to preserve them. But, all too often, the act of trying to preserve them causes more damage because the adhesive and corrosive papers used in some albums can affect the photos. Also, what do you do if everyone in your family would like to have the album. The answer is found in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1

Gather your images. If they are stored in a digital format in a camera or on an SD card, you can simply load them directly into your computer. If they are printed photographs, you will have to scan them.

Step 2

Open Photoshop. Open a new document in Photoshop. Make the size whatever size you want the album pages to be. The resolution should be set to at least 150 pixels. Name it "Album Page 1."

Step 3

Open one of the images you want to include in the album. Select "All" and "Copy." Paste it into the "Album Page 1" document. Resize the image and position it to your liking. Paste in images until you have filled "Album Page 1." Save your work.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 2 and 3, creating new pages for your album.

Step 5

Print your pages on photo paper. Or, if you have a lot to print, burn your album page images to a CD and have a professional printer, like Staples of Office Depot, print them for you. Punch holes in the paper so you can place the pages in a photo book.