How to Create a PGP Key

By Lysis

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an encryption technology used to send and receive messages. The encryption process is accomplished using the desktop software. When you install the PGP software, you need to create a key. A PGP key is the code used to decrypt messages when you receive it. The key is automatically generated from your machine using the computer's settings and the information you enter during the installation process.

Open the PGP software. For most installations, the software icon is located on the computer's desktop.

Click the "File" menu item and select "New PGP Key." Click the "Next" button at the opening window.

Enter your email address in the following screen. This email address is associated with your PGP key and shown in the public servers. Click the "Next" button.

Enter a passphrase for your key. This password should be alphanumeric characters. Special characters improves the security. Click the "Next" button.

Click the "Next" button again to publish your key to the PGP public servers. Publishing to servers allows users to send you encrypted messages. They cannot see your passphrase, but they can use it to send you a message.