How to Create PDFs That Expire & Cannot Be Printed

By Bryan Cohen

Secure your PDFs
i security image by robert mobley from

When it comes to document security you get what you pay for. Standard PDF creators like Adobe Acrobat offer password protection, but not specific features like expiration dates and print protection. To get these additional features permanently, you must purchase a PDF security program. There are several to choose from and most offer a free trial that you can test to see if it meets your security requirements.

Download and install a free trial of a PDF security program. Open the program.

Click on "Browse" to find the PDF that you wish to protect. Scroll through the Explorer window that comes up and select your PDF, then click "OK."

Decide on the options you would like for the security of your PDF. You can set an expiration date by checking the box next to "Set Expiry Date" and then by using the calendar tool to pick a date. Check the box next to "Use Password" to add a password. Leave the box next to "Allow Print" unchecked to ensure that the document cannot be printed. Click "Create." Your PDF with printing restrictions and an expiration date has now been generated.