How to Create a PDF Newsletter

By Bailey Richert

Newsletters are commonly sent as email attachments today rather than as paper products.
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A portable document format (PDF)is a digital file format created by Adobe, a software company that produces tools for document publication. PDFs are often used as the format for email distribution because the file recipient does not have the ability to manipulate the text, photos or other content of the document. With the release of its 2007 Office software, Microsoft introduced a command that allowed its programs to turn the MS documents into PDFs. This has since made it incredibly simple to construct a newsletter and create a PDF file from your own design.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word 2007. Earlier versions of MS Word do not allow you to save documents in PDF format. If you wish to design a newsletter in Word versions prior to 2007, you will need to use a PDF file converter program like the one listed in the Resources section of this article.

Step 2

Design your newsletter from scratch. MS Word affords the user the ability to include text, photos, word art and clip art in one single document. You may type directly on the page or use text boxes. Click the "Insert" menu from the tool bar to add photos, text boxes and clip art. Refer to past newsletters you have received from organizations for design ideas. Always put the newsletter name in large type at the top of the page. Use a type size no smaller than 10 point on the newsletter's body copy, and choose a font style that is legible.

Step 3

Download newsletter templates from online companies. Paper product companies online will often place document templates on their websites for a free download. Use MS Word documents that you can format to your own needs, or download a PDF to get design ideas.

Step 4

Click the circular Microsoft Office button in MS Word, and select "Save As" when you are finished writing your newsletter. In the window that appears, select the location on your hard drive where you want to save the PDF. Type a file name for the document under "File Name."

Step 5

Select ".PDF" from the drop down menu next to "File Type" under "File Name." Click "Save" to finish the saving process. Your newsletter is now saved as an Adobe PDF document in the location you specified.