How to Create a PDF Icon

by Krista O'Connor

The PDF icon is widely recognized as the logo for Adobe Acrobat's portable document format. The presence of a PDF icon on a website indicates a clickable link to an external PDF document. According to Adobe, no special software or permission is needed to create a linked icon as long as the icon isn't modified in any way or used for anything other than as a link to a PDF document. Adobe has available two icons that legally may be used for this purpose. Before a link may be created, a PDF document must already exist in the correct location on the Internet.

Open a browser and go to

Scroll down to the two PDF icon images: a large icon, 32 x 32 pixels, and a small icon, 17 x 17 pixels. Right-click on the image desired and save to a preferred location on your computer.

Open the website or blog editor and upload the icon to the location desired on the page. Use the editor or HTML commands to link the icon with the Internet URL of the PDF document. The exact process will depend on the editor being used.


  • check Most website and blog editors today are user friendly and adding a PDF icon linked to a document is a fairly simple task.


  • close Adobe state explicitly how its icons may be used. Read over all requirements to ensure compliance before proceeding.

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