How to Create a PayPal Account Without a Credit Card

By Chris Miksen

PayPal is a very convenient way to send and receive money online. Many online businesses use PayPal as their payment processor because of its quick, timely and secure transactions. PayPal accounts are free to create and require nothing more than a few basic details. Credit cards are not required to set up a PayPal account; however, if you wish to send or receive money, you must add a bank account to which all of your transactions are linked.

Select "sign up" on the PayPal homepage. Select your country, language and one of three account types. A personal account is for people who wish to shop online with a PayPal account. A premier account is for people who wish to buy and sell using a PayPal account. And a business account is for a merchant who uses a company or group name.

Fill out the requested basic information such as name, address, e-mail address, phone number, etc. Click "agree and create account."

Select "profile" under the "my account" tab. Select "add or edit bank account." Select "add bank." Choose between whether you want the funds to be withdrawn from and deposited to your checking or savings account. Type in your routing number and account number to confirm your bank account. Select "continue."

Check to see if the confirmation funds from PayPal were deposited into your account. PayPal confirms your bank account with two small deposits (usually under 25 cents). Either access your bank account online or ask a teller to check for you. PayPal does not withdraw the two small deposits after they are made.