How to Create a Palm Pre Profile

By Suzette Barnard

New Palm Pre users must set up a profile before they will be able to make calls.
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When you purchase a Palm Pre cell phone, one of the first things you'll need to do to use the phone is set up a profile. This profile is basically the identity for your phone for the manufacturer, and Palm uses it for everything from updating your phone's operating system to backing up your phone data. That is important, considering the amount of phone numbers and other data you will store on the smart phone.

Turn on your phone. Hold down the power button, found in the upper-right corner, until the screen comes on and displays the logo. This could take several seconds.

Follow the instructions on the screen. Look for the "Palm Profile" screen and choose "Create New Profile."

Use the phone's keyboard to type in your name. Choose "Next."

Choose a password and use the keyboard to enter it. Choose "Next."

Type in your email address. Choose "Next."

Wait for the phone to connect to the Palm system and bring up the "Profile Created" screen. Choose "Next."