How to Create Your Own Weather Website for Free

By Patrick Nelson provides a free weather module for your website.
i weather vane image by Jeffrey Zalesny from provides a free weather module for your website. The commercial weather forecast provider allows you to attract and keep more visitors on your website with dynamic scripts that you can embed, creating your own free weather website. The module displays maps, current conditions, radar, temperatures and your forecast in a graphical image.’s product is branded netWeather.

Visit the AccuWeather website (see below) and click on the “Get My netWeather” button.

Choose your units of measurement--metric or imperial; choose your language and select a zip code for your weather data. Click on the “Next” button.

Select the size you’d like your embedded code to be. This is measured in pixels and goes up to 630 by 440, which will nicely fill a web page with some white space as a border. Choose themes and colors.

Click “Next” and agree to the terms and conditions. The web page code will be in the left text box. Click on “Highlight This Code.” Right click to open the menu and select “Copy.”

Open your web page authoring software and paste the copied code in the body of the web page. Insert the code between the and tags. Save the page.