How to Create Your Own Templates for Noteshelf for the iPad

By Laurel Storm

Out of the box, the Noteshelf iPad app comes with 20 paper templates you can use in notebooks; more are available in the in-app store, either for free or for a fee. If you have very specific needs, however, it is quite likely that none of the available templates will suit them perfectly. In this case, you can create your own template, copy it to your iPad and then import it into Noteshelf.

Step 1

Create your template, either from scratch or using another image as the basis for it. If you have access to a scanner and have the type of paper you want the template to resemble on hand, you can simply scan the paper in.

Step 2

Copy the template image to your iPad's photo gallery. To do this, email the image to yourself and save it to the photo gallery from the Mail app. Alternatively, add the template image to your iTunes library (see Resources), connect your iPad to your computer and sync.

Step 3

Open the Noteshelf app, tap "New" to create a new notebook and select "Custom" from the paper type drop-down menu.

Step 4

Tap "Create New Template From Image."

Step 5

Type a name for your template in the "Name" field, tap the placeholder image and select your saved template image from the photo gallery.

Step 6

Tap "Save." Your custom paper template is now saved in Noteshelf.