How to Create Your Own GaiaOnline Profile Layout

By Joi Royce

Changing your GaiaOnline profile often can keep you in style.
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GaiaOnline is the website where Gaia's community interacts. It offers games, prizes, contests, discussions forums and an avatar. GaiaOnline is used my mostly teens, but also attracts young adults and college students. When you sign up for GaiaOnline, you will be able to create your own avatar and profile layout. Your profile will be in a default setting, but you can edit it to the way you want it and choose panels, background and pictures.

Rearrange Profile Panels

Go to the Gaia homepage. Click "MyGaia," "My Profile," "Edit My Profile Layout."

Choose any panel you want to move. For example, you might want a more important panel such as Friends or Wish List above your Aquarium.

Click and drag the panel to its new location. Release the mouse when it is where you want it.

Edit Panels and Titles

Click the "Edit" button on the panel whose title you want to change. Type in a new one and click "Update."

Locate the directions near the bottom of a panel to learn how you can change more details. Most panels have a link that allows you to adjust more than just the title.

Click on the "Click Here" link to change the details of the panel in your Account. A new tab will open in which you can add more information. Select "Preview" to see how your edits will look on your profile. Click "Save All Changes" when you're done.

Edit Themes

Select a category from the blue box on the right side of the page. A pop-up will appear, unless you select "View" or "Save." If you select "Theme," for example, you will see a box showing different background designs you can add. You can also get an online image by typing its Web address under the "URL" tab.

Select "View" to see how your updated profile will look. You can go back and make more changes by clicking the "Edit Page Layout" link.

Click "Save" when you're happy with your new GaiaOnline profile.