How to Create Your Own Email on MWEB

by Hosam El-Aker
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MWEB is a South Africa-based Web services provider. Founded in 1997, MWEB provides Internet access, hosting, email and other services. MWEB provides service for both homes and businesses, and serves 320,000 South Africans.

MWEB allows you to use either an address provided by the company to log into and use its services, or to create and use any email address you want. You can create your own email address, using a private domain or a free-email provider, to use with your MWEB account.

Step 1

Navigate to the MWEB homepage (see Resources) and click "Email."

Step 2

Click "Click Here to Register."

Step 3

Enter the email address you want to use to create your MWEB account in the "E-mail Address" field. Click "Submit." A "thank you" message appears telling you to log into the email address you used to activate your account.

Step 4

Log into the email account you used in the previous step.

Find the email from "" and click the "Complete Registration" link to complete the MWEB email-account-creation process.


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