How to Create Your Own Dirt Bike Graphics

By Daniel Ketchum

i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Maybe you want to create dirt bike stickers on your bike but want graphics that say a specific thing or that carry symbols that represent a group of friends who ride dirt bikes together on weekends. Creating graphics that can be placed on your dirt bike can be done without too much difficulty. You will need a graphic design program in which to create your designs. There are several you can choose from that range in price as well as skill level. If you plan to print your dirt bike graphics as stickers, you will need to purchase sticker paper.

Step 1

Photoshop is a great program in which to design your dirt bike stickers. It is a professional graphics program that can create amazing designs. There is a toolbar with numerous tools, such as “Text” and “Custom Shape” that can help you create your graphics. Apply filter effects to text or graphics in Photoshop. For example, you can apply the “Chalk and Charcoal” to a piece of clip art that you've downloaded, like an image of a bike. Or you may draw your own lightning bolt and then apply an effect from filters or even a glow from “FX,” which you will find in the lower right corner of your screen. Always save the graphics you create as high-resolution JPEG files for printing.

Step 2

Create more artistic dirt bike designs by using ArtRage. It has many of the advantages of a more expensive program like Photoshop, such as layers, but is less expensive. Use the “Oil Paint” tool to paint your own designs or you can make use of the array of “Stencils” available with the program to create a combination of effects. You can also trace a drawing you have by scanning it in to your computer. When you bring this image in you can directly trace it in on your document or you may prefer to use it as a reference. You will see both these icons next to the “Stencil” icon centered near the bottom of the program.

Step 3

Paint is a basic program that comes with most PCs, since it is a part of Windows. It is also a fairly user-friendly program that can picked up quickly by those who have never used a graphics program before, including children. Use Paint to create your dirt bike designs by using the toolbar. You can draw your own designs by selecting the “Pencil” tool or paint your designs with the “Brush” tool. You can also bring in clip art that you can then modify. You can also create your own customized colors in Paint. However, unlike ArtRage and Photoshop Paint does not offer a layers panel, which generally allows for an easier editing of various elements in your design.