How to Create Your Own Countdown Clock for Wordpress

by Jason Artman

If you have an upcoming event that is important to you and operate a WordPress blog, you might want to notify your readers about the event and encourage them to take part. WordPress has an area -- usually on the right side of the page -- called the sidebar, which allows you to add small applications called widgets. Once you add a widget to the sidebar, visitors to your blog see it on each page of your site. To notify your readers of an upcoming event via your WordPress blog, install the Countdown Clock widget and add it to your sidebar.


Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and open the "Plugins" menu in the left side column.


Click the "Add New" button.


Type "Countdown Clock" in the search field and press "Enter" to locate the plugin.


Click "Install Now" under "Countdown Clock" on the result list.


Click "OK."


Click "Activate Plugin."


Click the "Widgets" link under "Appearance" in the left side column. You should now see a new button called "Countdown Clock" under "Available Widgets."


Drag the "Countdown Clock" button to the sidebar area on the right side of the page. The widget button expands to show the full array of setup options.


Click the "Event Type" and "Countdown" drop-down menus to choose the category and type of event for which you are creating a countdown.


Type the name of the event in the "Event" field.


Type the message that the countdown clock should display on the day of the event in the "Event Message" field.


Use the drop-down menus under "Event Date" to enter the date of the event.


Use the "Clock Type" and "Background" drop-down menus to configure the appearance of the countdown clock.


Use the "Clock Size" drop-down menu to configure the size of the countdown clock in pixels.


Use the "Text Color" and "Background Color" drop-down menus to change the foreground and background colors of the countdown clock.


Use the "Time Zone" drop-down menu to configure your time zone.


Click the "Save" button to make the countdown active.

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