How to Create My Own 15-Minute Increment Calendar in Outlook

by David Weedmark

At its default settings, Microsoft Outlook 2013 uses 30-minute increments for calendar appointments. If you have a busy schedule, or if you have meetings or classes that don't fall neatly into half-hour time slots, you can change the Outlook Calendar to display 15-minute increments instead. For really tight schedules, you can even use 10-, 6- and 5-minute increments.

Open Outlook Calendar.

Launch Outlook 2013 and open the Outlook Calendar by clicking the "Calendar" icon. At its default settings, Outlook displays a monthly view of your calendar with 30-minute increments.


Click the "View" menu and select the "Day," "Work Week" or "Schedule" option in the Ribbon's Arrangement group. Any of these views can display 15-minute calendar increments.

Select the

Click the "View" menu again, then click the "Time Scale" option. Select "15 Minutes" from the drop-down menu.

Calendar displays 15-minute increments.

Enter your appointments as you normally would. Simply double-click any time period and enter the event details. The displays appointments in 15-minute increments.

The Month view keeps 15-minute appointments intact.

Change your calendar view at any time after entering your appointments. Even when you are looking at a monthly calendar, or a daily calendar set in hourly increments, the 15-minute appointments remain intact and unchanged.


  • check To reset your calendar to Outlook's default view settings, select "Reset View" from the View tab.

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